Join Us At Our MTD Business Briefing

Join Us At Our MTD Business Briefing Pink Pig will be hosting Making Tax Digital Business Briefings every fortnight from January through to April 2019. Join us for refreshments as we inform you of what MTD is and offer a step-by-step guide of what you need to do next. See the flyer below for more information: We plan to host these sessions every fortnight from January through to April 2019. Currently scheduled dates are as follows: 13th December 2018: 8am-10am 3rd January 2019: 6pm-8pm 17th January 2019: 8am-10am 31st January 2019: 6pm-8pm  

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April 2019 Personal Taxation, Wages and Salaries

It's so important to know exactly how the budget is going to impact on YOUR pocket! As we all know, there is a certain amount of money the government so kindly allows us to earn before we must pay income tax. This is called our personal allowance. From April 2019 that is increasing from £11,850 to £12,500. In monetary terms, as that is the threshold before we start being taxed at 20%, it means an extra £130 in your pocket each year. There had been talks of this previously, but the chancellor has decided to introduce this a year early [...]

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The Robin Hood of the ages?!

With just under a week until the Autumn budget what are we likely to see from this year’s?! In the words of Matthew Lynn, a journalist for the Telegraph Business, it’s becoming a bit like the first world war. An assault each autumn, all the while neither side seem to be getting anywhere, other than getting even more stuck in the mud. Let’s not forget this is the penultimate budget pre-Brexit so the pressure does seem to be on for old Phillip. It’s all about the Young’uns It’s been no secret that in the most recent election the majority of [...]

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Forming A New Charity: Where to start

Many people start charities because of experience, maybe you would have needed help at a certain point in your life but it wasn’t available, so now you’re making a difference to others. Or simply, you might just be one of those angels sent from above. Either way, when you’re trying to tap into the public sector’s wallet all you seem to get is a bunch of moths. Unfortunately, it’s the way of the world now and because of this, not-for-profit organisations make a hugely positive impact on so many lives. You probably know by now, I hate being the bearer [...]

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It’s my company, but how much can I pay myself?! 

With the school holidays over (finally!!) Its time to get back into the swing of things. But do you know what funds you are taking from your business and how you plan to do it!? For many, September is almost like a second new year. I don’t mean in terms of the financial year, but it’s the time you get back on track and start fresh. People start heading back to the gym and getting into a normal routine again. One of the most common questions I get asked, mainly from new start- ups, is ‘how much can I take [...]

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August Feature- Strawberry Too : Juicy with a berry unique approach.

With exam results still fresh in the minds of the students currently recovering from their hangovers and the new Bondholders’ ‘where it begins’ campaign kicking off this month, we knew exactly who we wanted as our August feature blog. The little sister of the renowned digital marketing company Strawberry – who sit proudly at C4DI, Strawberry Too is just as sweet. As you know, I’m an accountant, not a writer and so I don’t think there is anything I could write that would do an organisation like Strawberry Too the justice they deserve. When we think of that little red [...]

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VAT – Passing the Baton (Disbursements and Recharges)

If you make a payment on behalf of a customer for goods and services used by them, you may be able to treat them as ‘disbursements’ for VAT purposes. But what is a VAT disbursement? The definition of a disbursement, in simple terms, is a payment you make to a supplier for a customer and then pass the cost on to them (via an invoice) You may be able to leave these payments out of your VAT calculations because it is the customer (not you) who buys and receives the goods / services. See it as you acting as an [...]

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Class 2 and Class 4 NIC : The Reform

Being self-employed was becoming less popular with all the advantages around dividends and tax efficient ways of withdrawing funds from limited companies. But with the increase in dividend tax and a reduction in tax free dividends, we don’t know what is round the corner - soon may see an increase in self-employment again.   The government has a plan. As always, it’s not set in stone. But the plan is to abolish Class 2 National Insurance contributions from April next year. But we all know what these plans are like, with 8 months to go, it’s clear, its concise and [...]

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Zero Rated Vs Exempt VAT

Exempt, Zero Rated, No VAT – It’s all the same right?! Wrong. Don’t get stung because of a little misunderstanding. I recently read an article about the differences between exempt and zero rated VAT and it got me thinking that they seem to be much of a muchness. It wasn’t till I read the story of a guy who sold motorbike equipment - who got a whopping tax bill (over £25K) - did I realise the severity of not understanding the terminology. In this particular story he assumed all his sales were exempt, safety equipment is (and rightly so) but [...]

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Changing The Way You Give To Charity

Following on from such an overwhelming community feeling on Sunday at the Hull 10km run, we figured you may want to know how you can give tax efficient charity gifts. Gift Aid Let’s start easy, you’ve all heard of it and probably hesitated with the pen wondering if you tick the box at the bottom of a donation slip or side of a sponsorship form. If you pay tax, tick the box. It’s that simple. It won’t cost you an extra penny and will be worth 25% extra to the charity. Written declaration must be made if gift aid is [...]