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Company mergers, acquisitions & disposals in Hull & East Yorkshire

Often, the best way to improve your competitive position in the marketplace is through a merger or acquisition. To achieve the necessary results, it is imperative that you have the objective advice and close support of a specialised team of experts. Otherwise, a poorly researched and badly negotiated deal could lead to a disaster.

We can help you:

  • Identify potential targets for mergers and acquisitions
  • Screen targets for suitability
  • Carry out due diligence reviews
  • Prepare a negotiating strategy
  • Raise the necessary capital
  • Develop an integration plan
  • Optimise the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise

At other times, you may decide to improve your profitability through a disposal. Again, we can help with valuing the assets, finding suitable purchasers, and negotiating the sale.

Make the right decisions without risks to your business – let our team of professionals help you.

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