A good old pay rise isn’t always good news for everyone.


April is a time for good news and bad news.

For example, Easter.
Good news; lots of chocolate.
Bad news; sorting out childcare during the school holidays.

Well statutory payments are no different. Whilst we all enjoy a £650 increase in our personal allowance, there is also a rise in National Minimum Wage (NMW), National Living Wage (NLW) aswell as pension contributions.

This may be good news for those employed, but an employer of a labour intensive business could really feel the hit.

Employee’s AgeOld rateNew rate from 01/04/2019
Over 25 (NLW)£7.83£8.21


For NLW that is a rise of almost 5%!
The increase is, once again, above inflation. Likely to be down to the aim of increasing it to £8.75 by as early as next year.

The bad news doesn’t stop there unfortunately.

The minimum pension contribution is 5%. Usually the employers pay 2% (which is the minimum they must contribute) leaving 3% for the employees.
However, the minimum level of total contribution is rising to 8%. The minimum employer contribution is only rising 1% resulting in the employee being left with the 5% balance.

To summarise, wages are due to increase by almost 5% in some brackets which is a huge amount for many employers. Similarly, the increase in pension contributions is a hefty amount to take on for a lot of employees. Although, one thing not to be missed is that the employee’s contribution increase is virtually subsidised by the NLW and NMW increase.


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